Fresh Folds: Letter L

For an art-project I'm currently working on I want to design a Gun. As I was trying to figure out how to so this, I stumbeled upon this model. A simplye tube with an L shape. I folded it from one A4 sheet. This is my first attempt, so please forgive me the imperfections of this fold. What I like about this model is the fact that it isn't flat and the way I made it hold itself together. Also it should be easy to make S and U shaped tubes with the same aproach.

Fresh Folds: Turtle Evolution

Last week I found the time to work on my own origami designs again. The basic turtle from a few weeks ago developed: From the basic turtle on the left (in darker green) I derived not one but two different turtles (the yellow and the one in bright green). As you might see on the pictures in the gallery the new turtles are both prototype and folded a little unclean.

How To: Fold a Simple Origami Mouse

This tutorial teaches you how to fold an origami mouse with an ordinary sheet of paper. This model is suitable for beginners and children. Origami is great for small kids as the only material needed is paper, no scissors or glue that could do harm!

News: The story behind Sadako

Sadako Sasaki was a Girl from Japan who apperently survived the dropping of the A-Bomb over Hiroshima unharmed. But when she turned twelve it became obvious that she had leukemia as an aftermath of the A-bomb. As she was in hospital friends visited her and one of them folded an Origami Crane for her telling her the story of the 1000 cranes that grand you a wish. Hoping for cure she began to fold. At this point stories begin to vary some say she made it and continued as nothing happen after 10...

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