News: How to fold a ship

How to fold a ship

This Ship is an origami classic, easy to do and it floats well.

You can do the ship just by this Video or also use the steps below


  • Use oridnary paper (80g/m²)
  • Use the steps along with the video
  • the Numbers in brackets are mark the timerange of a step in the video

Step 1 take an A4 sheet of paper and fold it in half (0.8-0.21)

Step 2 mark the centre middle of the longer edge (0.21-0.29)

Step 3 fold the edge diagonally to the marked piont twice (0.29-0.40)

Step 4 fold the flap from the top down (0.40-0.53)

Step 5 wrap th rest of the flap around the shape (0.53-1.01)

Step 6 repeat steps 4 and 5 with the other flap (1.01-1.13)

Step 7 pull the two layers of the triangle apart (1.13-1.17)

Step 8   flaten the shape to a square (1.17-1.22)

Step 9 pull one of two up to the corner (1.22-1.29)

Step 10 repeat step 9 with the other flap (1.29-1.35)

Step 11 just like step 7 and 8  (1.35-1.40)

Step 12 pull the two corners apart to shape the ship (1.40-1.44)

Step 13 shape the ship (1.44-end)


  • spray a little hairspray at the ship to make it more waterproof

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This is so cool. Where do you recommend getting the paper?

for this model you'll just need ordinary copy paper.

for origami paper in genral you should go to a shop with office supply or to a crafting shop. (if there are any in your town)
-Also there are onlineshops with decent paper

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