Fresh Folds: Fröbelstern


Today I learned how to fold a Fröbelstern and added some to my Advent wreath.

The "Fröbelstern" or Fröbel star is named after Friedrich Fröbel the inventor of the kindergarden, he is supposed to also be the inventor of this star. It's not origami since it used 4 paperstrips and needs some cutting, but it still looks pretty cute.

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Awesome. Nice Job. These are really cool. I was planning on doing a tutorial on them at mathcraft If you were planning on doing a tutorial on them I could probably just link to yours.

I'll probably do a video-tutorial on them, but I'm not sure if I'll be abeled to do it before christmas, so go ahead!

Haha. I know the feeling. Still when you put up the video tutorial send me a message. I'd love to link to it anyways.

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