Forum Thread: Create a Traditional Origami Waterbomb

The Waterbomb can be folded with any paper, you just need to cut it into a square shape.

Sometimes this model is also called the origami cube, or origami.blow-up cube because you need to inflate it at the final step. Sometimes also the term waterbaloon is used. But lets not get ahead of ourselves.

You can use the video above or the diagrams in the picture below. Additional

by the way: the diagrams or under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike License. That means you can use them free of charge in schools and even make copies!

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Fold Both Diagonals and Unfold

Step 2: Turn the Paper Over

Step 3: Fold Paper in Half

Step 4: Make the Waterbomb Base

bring the two marked points two the middle of the lower edge. Then push the shape flat

Step 5: Fold Up the Flap

take the upper of the two flaps on the right hand side and fold the tip towards the tip at the center

Step 6: Fold in Corner

the new 90° Corner of the top flap should now be folded to the center of the model

Step 7: Fold Tip Down

take the tip of the folded flap and fold it down

Step 8: Tuck

push the corner inside the pocket

Step 9: Repeat

repeat steps 5 to 9 on the other side

Step 10: Turn Over

Step 11: Once More with Feeling

fold the other two remaining flaps like in steps 5 to 10

Step 12: Precrease

fold the tip and the bottom end of the model firmly towards the center. then unfold

Step 13: Huff an' Puff

puff air inside the chape through the opening. one strong puff works better then slowly inflating the baloon.

Step 14: Finished

enjoy your origami baloon!

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