How To: Make an Origami Star

Make an Origami Star

In this tutorial you'll learn how to fold a nice star from paper without the need for glue or scissors

Step 1: Get the Paper

This Origami is modular, this means it consits of more than one sheet.
You'll need Nine Sheets . The sheets need to be squares. The color of the backside is not important

Step 2: Choose Instructions

For beginners this Video is the best option:

But if you're already able to read diagrams, you might want to take a look at the diagram

For a downloadable PDF and more Information on the model visit my Website

Step 3: Fold!

follow your Instructions until your star is done - if you run into problems, feel free to leave a comment

Step 4: Enjoy Your Star

the Star is really durable and serves well for a lot of purposes e.g. a ninja star. What can you come up with?


This traditional star was made popular Paolo Bascetta. He is famous for his Bascetta Stars (those spiky balls). This modell is much easier to do though. that's makes it a great project for people new to modular stars.

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