Forum Thread: Easy Procedures of Sole Representative UK Visa and UK Partner Visa

If you are anticipating to start up a new business or to expand your business in UK then London can be undeniably one of the most fitting places in the world because of the facilities it can provide today in the marketing field. The very first thing that strikes us is the visa. UK visa puts an end to all tantrums for all foreigners who want to start up a business or escalate their business position in the world. PBS (Points Based System) is holding the responsibility in UK for immigration so it handles the migration process to attract foreign investors. UK business visa has two tiers for their visa applicants one for entrepreneur and the other is for investors. Dreaming won't be hard as UK visa makes easier for a business person to launch a project in UK.

Sole Representative Visa UK allows one representative to start up new branch or enlarge representative's main business in UK. For the eligibility of being sole representative visa one needs to be recruited and indentured outside of the UK by foreign companies to represent UK. The applicant holds the full authority to make his or her own decisions on accounts of his or her own company and also as a representative of UK. If the applicant wants to have the facility of English Language Requirement ,they can use. If an applicant conforms all the dictums of Sole Representative Visa then the representative can stay in UK for the span of 3 years initially. Then the applicant augments the stay up to 2 years. Some key area facilities will be free of cost for the representative like health, education and so on.

Are you longing to get UK Partner Visa? Then here are some notes on this account. For your UK partner visa you must need some correct information about it and apposite documents to meet the purpose. Here are some stratagems to get the UK partner visa;

  1. A letter from your institution is a mandatory . Suppose you meet your partner during your study(in this case your partner has to be a British national or should have unrestricted amount of time to stay in UK then only you will be eligible for this visa ). One inevitably important criteria is that you will launch your application you should be pursuing your study unless home office won't approve your UK partner visa. And your study should be in good progress so getting a letter from institution is a must to show current progress.
  1. This letter is not needed to attach with your UK partner visa but you have to show this to home office in order to show you are attending your respective course.

So these documents are the evidences that you are staying in UK with proper legal rights.

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